Tula de Allende

Tula de Allende is located 84 km from Mexico City by the federal highway 57 in the State of Hidalgo, Mexico.

tula de allende in hidalgo, mexicoNearby of Tula de Allende town you can visit an interesting archaeological zone, founded in the year 804.

It was the center of the
Toltec culture. Its main attractions are:

  • The Pyramid with five sides, which is adorned by four columns shaped like warriors that are almost five meters high known as Atlantes

  • The Palacio Quemado, which has several columns and where you can admire the Chac-mool (a statue characteristictula de allende in hidalgo, mexico to this period)

The Jorge R. Acosta Museum is beside the archaeological zone. In this museum you can learn interesting aspects of the Toltec Culture.


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