Ixmiquilpan is located 158 km. from Mexico City by the federal highway 85 in the State of Hidalgo, Mexico.

Ixmiquilpan is considered the heart of the Mezquital Valley of Mexico. Among the interesting places you can visit in this town are:

  • The Agustinian Convent of San Miguel Arcangel, which is famous because of its murals

  • The Del Carmen Curch

  • The Otra Banda Bridge

Ixmiquilpan is famous in Mexico because of its districts of artisans such as:

  • La Cruz Blanca

  • Orizabita, where pottery is produced

  • El Nith, whose artisans make wooden miniatures encrusted with shells

  • San Nicolas, which is famous for its embroideries

  • Progreso, cradle of the famous fire-works of Hidalgo

Ixmiquilpan has some spas such as:

  • El Tephe

  • Dios Padre

  • Clamiel

  • San Antonio

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