Hidalgo State is located between 19° 36' and 21° 24' north latitude and 97° 58' and 99° 54' west longitude.

Hidalgo State has 20,860 km2 (8,054 mile2) area, among the Mexican states it occupy the twentieth sixth place.

Hidalgo State is bounded on the north by the State of San Luis Potos�; on the northeast and east by the State of Veracruz; on the east and southeast by the State of Puebla; to the south by the State of Tlaxcala; and on the west by the State of Queretaro.

Hidalgo State has about 2'235,591 inhabitants, about 200,000 of them from the native population set up mainly on the Mezquital valley, Sierra and Huasteca, formed by mexicas, nahuas, otomies and tepehuanes that keep them aborigine language. It has 84 municipalities, formed in most part by rural population. The urban population lives on Pachuca, Apan, Tepeapulco (Sahagun city), Actopan, Mixguiahuala, Tula, Huejutla, Tulancingo and Tepeji of Ocampo. The main places of industrial development are on the municipalities of: Tepeji of Ocampo, Tula of Allende, La Reforma and Tizayuca.

On the past, the State of Hidalgo was renown in Mexico by the precious metals production, on the economic aspect Pachuca,
Real del Monte and El Conde de Regla were some common names at the end of the colonial period.

Nowadays, the State of Hidalgo produce textiles, raw materials, industrial products, spacial communications, an example is the Tulancingo antenna, that communicates Mexico, by satellite with the world.

The State of Hidalgo also has important dairy basins and an important agricultural production, fruit and vegetable production.

The state name is on behalf of the fatherland Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla.

Almost on all the State of Hidalgo territory the climate is dry-mild; on the central area is from dry to semidry; from mild to semi humid on the high areas of the Pachuca sierra and semi cold humid on the mountainous country. Its annual average temperature is: 32.4�C maximum and 8.5� C minimum.


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