petatlan in guerrero, mexicoPetatlan is located 43 km (27 mi) northeast of Papanoa in the State of  Guerrero via the same highway in Mexico.

In many places of Guerrero, Nature and Culture go of the hand; thus, in scenes of incredible beauty rise constructions of great architectonic historical value or, even, some that have extended by the legend that of them is counted, so is the case of the Church of the Father of Jesus de Petatlan, whose sculpture of the Christ who are there, appeared in strange conditions, reason why now him it is considered very miraculous.

This Church is located in the downtown of Petatlan, where it will be able to enjoy his traditional plaza, the House of the Culture and the building of the H. City council. Walking by his streets it will find the gold article market, where the prices also are a miracle, becausepetatlan in guerrero, mexico such craftsmen are the one who sell their products that, by the way, are of excellent quality.

At the time of the food, it will be able to enjoy the gastronomical delights in the population or in the Calvario recognized by its beauty and reason why it can teast there, as the tamales of lamb meat in banana leaf, in addition to other delicious stews ripened with the salt that obtains in natural form of the Las Salinas mines.

petatlan in guerrero, mexico

If it enjoys the fresh fish and seafood, then the visit Barra de Potosi or the beach La Barrita, and to eat ostiones, to the Lagoon Valentin, where it will enjoy its food between paradisiacal almost virgin landscapes.

Also visit the archaeological zone of La Soledad de Maciel, where are incredible stone engravings, superposed stones, portable altars and offerings of great historical and patrimonial value.

petatlan in guerrero, mexicoIn Petatlan you can admire interesting archaeological
pieces such as:

  • The stone of sacrfices and other monolithic stones

  • The contemporary-style chapel

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