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The State of Guerrero, is located in southern Mexico on the Pacific littoral, between 16� 18' and 18� 45' north latitude and 98� 03' and 102� 12' west longitude. Guerrero is a combination of modernism, antiquity, mountains and sea. Guerrero has 64,281 (24,818 sq.mi) of fertile valleys, mountains covered with pine trees and coastal steppes. Its territory has been divided into 75 municipalities for a better administration and has a population of approximately 3'079,646 inhabitants.

The State of Guerrero boundaries lie with the State of Estado de Mexico on the northside; with the State of Morelos northwest; with the State of Puebla northeast; with the State of Oaxaca east and southeast; with the Pacific Ocean southwest; and with the State of Michoacan north and west.

Guerrero wealth lies in its numberless beaches along the 505 km (313 mi.) shoreline, lagoons, rivers, inlets and mountains as well as in its grottos, churches, convents, murals in caves, archaeological zones, historic monuments, its great variety of folklore and craftmanship, and the extense and marvelous gastronomy.

The main tourist attractions in Guerrero, represent the three tourism development stages in Mexico: Taxco de Alarcon, a colonial town, which arose as a mining area and grew to a place with singular architectonic characteristics; Acapulco, which began to grow in the 1940's; and Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo, in which the field of tourism developed in the 1980's, as a place designed entirely by the Federal Government of Mexico.

Such touristic sites are known as the "Triangulo del Sol" (triangle of the sun). The Circuito Chilpancingo Azul, is added to the three and includes the bordering towns of the state capital, which formed by water sites, grottos and historical and cultural cities, are an heterogeneous attraction.

The state of Guerrero in Mexico is characterized by its tropical climate which turns mild as one climbs to the Sierra del Sur.

The raining season almost occurs exclusively during summer and fall.

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