Benito Juarez (San Jer�nimo)

In San Jeronimo found the Coco� or with gin, its fresh in pieces or lined pulp with lemon and chile; in order to comfortably enjoy it in a hammock and with the song the sea like bottom.

In addition to being the greater producer of the Coco of the zone, it counts on three beaches that are a true enchantment: the beach San Jeronimo, located to seven kilometers; the beach Paraiso Escondido, to 1,5 kilometers of the community Hacienda de Caba�as, and El Dorado, to the Southeastern of San Jeronimo, 4 kilometers of the community of Llano Real. Another place very visited is the bath Hacienda de Caba�as, where it will be able to relax with the place beauty, besides to practice the camping.

In the beaches, your taste it will be able to delight with the great variety of meals, fresh seafood; the fish, roasted in grill with firewood, prepared with green or red Chile, tomato and onion. In the town, between the beautiful arcs of the Zocalo, it will be able to enjoy the barbecue; tamales of barbecue in banana leaf, as well as aporreadillo coste�o�

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