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  • Route of Undiscovered Guanajuato
    The city of Juriria, its lagoon, which was the first hydraulic project built during the colonial era and most importantly the impressive 16th Century Augustinian Convent, both located just outside the Santiago Valley. Take a bus to Valle de Santiago where you can hop on a local bust to Yuriria.

    San Jose Iturbide, which offers visitors a myriad of sites and to see: magnificent landscapes such as the Tierra Blanca Canyon, magnificent zones, rock formation in Victoria, a tropical micro system in Atarjea, cave paintin, the traditional annual Huapango song contest in Xichu, 18th. century religions architecture and ruins of old haciendas.

    Pozos, literally a mining ghost town, once home to about 50.000 people, as been the site location for a number of domestic and international movies. You can explore  the underground tunnels of old check out old ruins and chapels. You'll find some residents hand-carving replicas of pre-Hispanic musical instruments, that are sold to visitors and feature in local fiestas. Pozos is located at 14km. south of San Luis de la Paz.

    The Hacienda de Corralejo, located only 30 minutes from Irapuato in the town of Penjamo, is a great place to visit if you are interested in the production of Tequila. You can see first hand how the Blue Agave Weber Tequila is made. which is the most famous tequila in the state of Guanajuato and is exported around the world. And the best is still to come: guide tours are free of chargel Get a bus to Penjamo.

    Friday 8am - 5pm; Saturday 8am - 2pm
    Guanajuato Routes, Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®

  • Route of Natural Areas
    The municipality of San Jose Iturbide located in the north-east of the State, which offers visitors a variety of site and activities to see: magnificent landscapes such as the Tierra Blanca Canyon, magnetic zones, rock formations in the town of Victoria and a tropical Micro system in Atarjea. Get on the next bus to San Jose Iturbide, from where you can explore the surrounding area on local buses.

    In the southern part of the state you'll find the legendary
    Valle de Santiago with a formation of 7 extinct volcanes (siete luminarias), whose arrangement corresponds to the stellar formation of the Great Bear. You'll be surprised about the diversity of stories and legends of the supernatural you'll be told! Don't miss out on the crater named Parangueo el viejo, which has a 300m long tunnel that leads to a salt lake in its interior. Get on a bus heading to Moroleon and ask to get off at the Siete Luminarias, or take a bus leaving the city Valle de Santiago, where you can visit the local museum, which gives you a good overview of the geological aspects and characteristic of the region.

    La Bufa, an impressive rock formation overlooking the city of Guanajuato. Take some food, water and a hat and make your way to the ISSSTE Hospital up on the panoramic road, Just past the hospital (uphill) you will see a power plant on your right. If you walk up alongside this plant you'll find the path leading to La Bufa, which is right in front of you!

    Natural Reserve Cuenca de Esperanza, Located just 5km outside of Guanajuato's historic city center, is a protected natural area, which forms part of the Santa Rosa mountains range. Go for a like, rent a mountain bike or take part in a guided bird-watching tour (free every first Sunday of each month). You can also take you camping gear and spend the night. For further information and reservation get in touch with the Fundacion Ecologica Guanajuato.

    Sierra de Lobos, a beautiful protected natural area 30km outside of Leon, offers activities such as rock-climbing fishing and the observation of wildlife. If you're traveling by public transport. go to the central bus station in Leon, get on a local bus to Ocampo and ask to get off at Vergel de la Sierra. Here you will find a hotel and a visitors centre where you can take guided tours or go independently on a hike in the beautiful sierra. You can also camp here and get the real outdoor experience!

    A painting depicting the creation of the first city Council of indepen
    dent Mexico, housed in the interior of San Miguel's Presidencia Municipal.

    Magnificent paintings by Don Pedro Ramirez, may be found in the church Parroquia Municipal in Dolores Hidalgo, which has two colorful murals on the theme of independence.

    The House of Diego de Rivera, in the historic centre of Guanajuato, which houses original furniture and items belonging to this internationally renowned muralist along with an extensive collection of his work.
    Guanajuato Routes, Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®

  • Mining Route
    The Mina Valenciana and Bocamina,
    both located on a hill overlooking Guanajuato's historic city centre just 5km. north The Valenciana Mine was the richest in the world back in 1760 and is still in operation today. At the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th centuries, it produced 2/3 of all the silver in Guanajuato and was exported to Spain, Asia and South America, and helped to maintain the Empire and its colonies. You can visit the mine from about 8am to 6pm each day, and may also want to make your way to the Bocamina, located just a few meters behind the spectacular Templo La Valenciana. You can descend a few meters into the mine, view some interesting displays and photographs from past times. Take a bus heading towards Valenciana or Cristo Rey, leaving close to the Alhondiga.

    The Mina de Rayas, which was the first mine opened in Guanajuato and was named after the muleteer Juan Rayas who discovered it. The mine shaft is 1,400 feet deep and is considered one of the largest in the world.
    The Mina de Cata, which has a beautiful church with a baroque style facade made of pink quarry stone, dating back to the 18th century.
    The Ex-Haciendas Santa Brigida in Pozos, Surrounded by up to 300 year old mines. Check out the interesting remnants of the heydays of mining in Mexico. Keep your eyes open whilst walking around, as some of the deep shafts are no longer indicated by sings and fences!

    Las Torres, El Cubo and Peregrina mines, Located just 25 minutes from Guanajuato past the Presa de la Olla. Take a bus leaving from embajadoras and take a look at these mines, which are still in operation.

    The San Nicolas del Monte Mine, Which you will find in the equally named village close to Santa Rosa. Take a local bus leaving the city of Guanajuato heading towards Dolores Hidalgo, and get off in Santa Rosa. Walk down the path leading towards the village and ask for the mine.

    The Mina del Nopal, Located behind the Hotel Castillo Santa Cecilia in Guanajuato belongs to the faculty of mining of the University of Guanajuato. It is used by students and staff of this faculty, and servers as a stage for theatre and other performances during the International Cervantes Festival.Guanajuato Routes, Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®

  • Getting Wet Saps and Hot Water Springs
    The State of Guanajuato has numerous Spas and hot water springs especially in the area of Dolores Hidalgo, San Miguel de Allende, Apaseo and Acambaro. Have a great time relaxing or enjoy yourself using waterslides, wave pools and many other popular facilities. Ask the local tourism office for Spas and Hot water Springs in the area, or visit one of the following.

    Near Apaseo el Grande you find the most complete and modern Spa in Latin America. No expenses have been spared to provide clients with the best service and installations.

    In San Miguel de Allende and its surrounding area, go to places such as Escondido, La Gruta, Hacienda Taboada or Xote, located on the highway from San Miguel to Dolores Hidalgo.

    In Dolores Hidalgo, go to the Thermal Hot Spring El Oasis, on the Dolores Hidalgo to San Felipe Highway.

    The Balneario Agua Caliente, located just 5km from the centre of Acambaro, which offers two pools, a basketball court, a water slide and much more.
    Guanajuato Routes, Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®

  • Morelia - Michoacan (180km; 3hrs from Guanajuato)
    Morelia was one of the first Spanish cities in New Spain and is today a superbly preserved colonial city. It has a university, an active cultural scene, and loads of interesting sights and museums to be discovered. Visit for instance the Michoacan Regional Museum, the House of Handicrafts and the Palacio de Justicia.

    Surronding Area: Visit the lovely highland town of Patzcuaro, just and hour west of Morelia, and its surrounding villages located on the shore of Lake Patzcuaro. And don't miss out on a visit to the El Rosario Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary (November - February), about 170km east of Morelias.
    Guanajuato Routes, Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®

  • Queretaro - Queretaro (165km; 2hrs from Guanajuato)
    Queretaro is a lively city with a small but beautiful historic centre. Wander around at night and enjoy the sight of the floodlight aqueduct, and handsome building and plazas. Visit the City's Art Museum located in a former monastery, its regional museum and the Santa Cruz Convent.

    Surronding Area: Visit the small and pleasant town of Tequisquiapan, 70km (1hr) south-east of Queretaro, its purple bougainvillaea buildings and the sanctuary for migratory birds. 10 km down the road is the quaint and picturesque little town of Bernal, with its famous rocky peak called Peña de Bernal (2370m), an impressive natural pyramid.

    .Guanajuato Routes, Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®

  • San Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosi (225km; 3hrs from Guanajuato)
    The historic heart of the state capital boasts fine building, plazas, museums and markets and an active night and student life. Visit the San Francisco Square, Parque Tangamanga with its planetarium, lakes and sports fields as well as the busy Founder's Plaza.

    Surronding Area:
    About 3 hrs north you will find the mountain ghost town of Real de Catorce, once a wealthy silver-mining town of 40,000 people.
    Guanajuato Routes, Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®

  • Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes (180km; 2hrs from Guanajuato)
    The city of Aguascalientes, named for its hot springs, is known for its annual fair named Feria de San Marco. You may go to exhibitions, bull- and cockfights, rodeos, concerts and an extravaganza of cultural events. The Fair takes place in April, lasting about 20 days

    In the city of Aguascalientes, visit the Museo Jose Guadalupe Posada. the Palacio de Gobierno and the Catedral.

    Surrounding Area: Go and visit one of the numerous hot springs! The Centro Deportivo Ojo Caliente offers large park grounds and a number of pools. Alternatively go to the local tourism office and ask them for a list of popular thermal springs in the area.
    Guanajuato Routes, Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®

  • Zacatecas, Zacatecas (310km; 3,5hrs from Guanajuato)
    You'll find some of the country's finest colonial buildings in the narrow and winding streets of its city centre. It is, together with Guanajuato, one of Mexico's fabled silver cities which today offers impressive colonial buildings. Visit the pink-stone baroque style cathedral, the popular El Eden Mine and the hill Cerro de la Bufa, for a great view over the city.

    Surrounding Area: Visit the exmonastery Museo y Templo de Guadalupe (10 km east) to see a great collection of colonial art and try to make your way to the ruins of La Quemada, located just 45 km south of Zacatecas.
    Guanajuato Routes, Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®


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