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Guanajuato State is located in central area of Mexico, to the south of the Mexican high plateau. Guanajuato is bounded on the north by the State of San Luis Potos�, on the east by the State of Queretaro, on the south by the State of Michoacan and on the west by the State of Jalisco.

The Guanajuato territory has an extension of 30,596 km2 (11,813 sq. miles) corresponding to 1.56% of the total area of  the Mexican Republic, and a population of approximately 4'663,032 inhabitants. Its sea level prevailing altitude is 2,050 Mt.

Almost all the state of Guanajuato has a pleasant climate with temperatures from 11.7° C. minimum to 24.2° C. maximum. On the center and northwest, its climate is considered as steppe and on the territory remainder it is mild, moderate and rainy.

The state of Guanajuato has several thermal water springs which have been turned into recreation and health care centers, on different locations. The most famous ones are in Abasolo, Comanjilla, Celaya, San Miguel de Allende and Apaseo El Grande.

Because of its tradition, Guanajuato's gastronomy  is one of the best in Mexico. We invite you to try the "tuna de xoconostle" 
(a cactus fruit) salad, the
Menudo, the Enchiladas mineras, the Sopes and thePozole. And for dessert: sugar covered strawberries, cajeta, cocada de Celaya, almond candies or cajeta, guava roll, jamoncillos, charamuscas and a wide variety of ice cream.
Bon a petit!

~ Routes ~

Route of Undiscovered Guanajuato: The city of Victoria, its lagoon, which was the first hydraulic project built during the colonial era and most importantly the impressive 16th Century Augustinian Convent. both located just outside the Santiago Valley. Take a bus to Valle de Santiago where you can hop on a local bus to Yuriria.

San Jose Iturbide, which offers visitors a myriad of sites and activities to see: magnificent landscapes such as the Tierra Blanca Canyon, cave



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