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Estado de Mexico State is located in the central area of Mexico, occupy an area of 21,461 km2 (8,286 mile2), where fertile valleys, rivers and mountains abound. It is between 98° 30' west longitude meridian and 19° 10' north latitude.

The State of Estado de Mexico is bounded on the north by the State of Guerrero and the State of Morelos, on the west by the State of Guerrero and the State of Michoacan, on the east by the State of Hidalgo, the State of Tlaxcala and the State of Puebla.

The word Mexico come from the words "MAXTLI" (moon or goddess) and "XIETLI" (navel or center), because of which is interpreted as "The one who is in the center of the moon" or "On the center of the Meztli Lagoon".

Estado de Mexico is the most inhabited state of the country and is estimated that there were about 13'096,686 inhabitants.

Estado de Mexico is highly industrialized state that also has an important position as a corn and flowers producer, among other field products.

For the common tourist as well as for the expert tourist, Estado de Mexico does represent a magnificent option, it has important archaeological zones since it was the site of many cultures as: Tlatilca, Teotihuacana, Tolteca, Chichimeca, Colhua Texcocana, Malinalca, Otomi and Aztec, which left a trace of them outstanding civilizations.

In Estado de Mexico are special sites where alpinism, horseback riding, aquatic sports can be practiced, as well as hot springs and architectonic jewels from different ages.

Estado de Mexico is divided on 121 municipalities and its increasingly economic potentiality is based on the industrial development, as the manufacturing areas of Toluca, Tlalnepantla, Naucalpan and Ecatepec, where they are one industries of different field, as chemical and metallic products, electric and electronic appliances, paper products, car assemblers, etc.

Estado de Mexico has excellent communication routes since it is the obliged passage to go to different places of the country. From Mexico City you can arrived by the federal highway 15. The Toluca - Lerma section is composed by the Paseo Tollocan, a beautiful road with a large bed of flowers, fountains, monuments, groves and side roads. From Lerma to the Marquesa there is a modern expressway with 3 lines on each side and it has mercurial light, telephone booths, assistance posts and a large delimitation.

From Queretaro you can arrive to Estado de Mexico by the highway number 57 to Tepotzotlan. The highway number 55 join Toluca directly with Queretaro. The highway 134 joins it with the State of Guerrero. The access to State of Michoacan it is by the highway 15.

The highway circuit has made of Estado de Mexico state one of the best communicated of the country. It also has a modern airport.

Due to its different elevations, its climatologic characteristics are diverse, although it can be considered that on great part prevail the mild climate or mesothermic.

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