Durango State is located on the north end of the inner zone of Mexico. Its territory is between the 22° 24' and 26° 50' north latitude and 102° 25' and 107° 08' 50'' west longitude of the Greenwich meridian.

In Durango State the largest distance from north to south is of 250 Km. and from west to east is 480 km. and a population of approximately 1'448,661 inhabitants.

The Tropic of Cancer go through near the Villa del Mezquital, leaving behind to the south portion of the Sierra Madre and the meridian 105°, that is the hour limit. To 40 kilometers at west of the capital and longitudinally by the Llano de Guatimape.

Durango State bounded on the north by the State of Chihuahua; on the northeast by the State of Coahuila, on the southeast by the State of Zacatecas, on the south by the State of Nayarit and the Sate of Jalisco; and on the west with the State of Sinaloa.

The total area of Durango State is of 119,648 km2 (46,196 mile2), for it size it has the fourth place on Mexico.

The word Durango has a Basque origin, it means "Fertile lowland bathed by rivers surrounded by elevations or mountains".

Places to visit in Durango State

Ceballos La Ciudad
Durango ۞ Capital City Mapimi
El Salto Zone of Silence
Gomez Palacio  

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