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The Mexico City Museum is located in the old residence of the Counts of Calimaya, by the residential decree that originated it. It is itself a historical monument that
for its antiquity and its artistic merit constitutes a typical and valuable exponent of our most genuine architectural traditions. It is founded inside a plateresque work of the 16th. Century, apparently built in 1536.


Its main door is considered as one of the most beautiful of Mexico City and it was brought from the Philippines in a Chinese Ship. The white cedar carving represents the shields of the family names of the Counts of Santiago of Calimaya: Mendoza, Castilla, Altamirano and Velasco.


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The main patio has arcades of Segovia-Renaissance style. Three of its sides are decorated with the shields of the county families,mcm_04.jpg (4104 bytes) and a shell-type fountain shows a double-tailed Nereid playing the guitar, accompanied by children and dolphins. The stairway has wrought iron handrails and is escorted by two lions of carved stone.


Head of Snake (2572 bytes)In the right corner of the museum a prehispanic Head of Snake is embedded. It seems it dates from the 15th. Century. It was extracted from the Templo Mayor (Main Temple) to serve as foundation and, according to Salvador Novo, “to support the load of the viceroyalty
on its immortal fauces


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A work of art inside a work of art:
Joaqu�n Clausell’s study - 1866-1935.

Almost 1300 postcards or small forms whisper in this study. Linked by the work of a hole life, they spread out as a mural or, why not, as an anti-mural.



  • 1931 - Considered as National Patrimony by the General Direction of Colonial Monuments
  • 19960 - Federico Hernandez Serrano is appointed life manager of this museum
  • 1964 - Mexico City Museum is inaugurated in mcm_07.jpg (6805 bytes)
    October 31 under the direction of Federico Hernandez Serrano
  • 1992 - After the death of Federico Hernandez Serrano, Jorge Alberto Perez takes his place until October, 1992, when Fernando Sansen Contreras
    begins his administration until 1993
  • 1994 - Patricia Gazcon is the director
  • 1995 - Maria Amparo Clausell Arroyo
  • 1998 - Conrado Tostado starts managing
    the museum

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An inclusive and truthful project that will try to satisfy the cultural disquiets of the inhabitants of the capital city.

A museum for “the exhibition, care and conservation of the documents, relics,
antiques, art objects and others objects linked with the history and the culture of
this city
”. An universe of ideas that are reflected permanently in the activities of this museum.


Temporary and permanent exhibitions

Offer spaces for:
Cultural events as cycles, auctions, presentations of books,
conferences, theatrical space, round tables,
press conferences, among others

Events of the month

Programa de Exposiciones

Open from Tuesday to Sunday
10:00 to 18:00 hours

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General entrance $10.00
Teachers and students $5.00
Free entrance for INSEN members,
(old aged persons)


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Pino Suarez #30 corner with Republica de El Salvador
Centro Historico - Mexico D.F.

(55) 5542-0083, (55) 5542-0671,
(55) 5522-9936 and (55) 5522-3640

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