Villa de Alvarez

Villa de Alvarez is picturesque town located only two kilometers north of Colima City in the State of Colima, Mexico. It has clean stone streets and red roofed houses, giving a taste of the old Colima atmosphere.

Among its main attractions are:

  • The Hacienda del Carmen, located two kilometers north of Villa de Alvarez, is a country building which includes a Chapel and a Mirador (terrace) from which you can admire the entire valley of Colima

  • To the north and three kilometers farther is the Pastores Lagoon

  • The Rock of Juluapan, located six kilometers southeast in
    the Cerro Grande

  • The Rio Grande or Armeria River runs beside the Rock of Juluapan. Here you can swim and admire a wide variety of scenery

During the first days of February, the Charro-Taurino Feast is celebrated in Villa de Alvarez. This feast is the most important one of the State of Colima.

One of the most time-honored customs in Villa de Alvarez is to have dinner at the Cenadurias Restaurants.


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