Nevado de Colima
National Park


On the border between the State of Colima and the State of Jalisco is the Colima Volcano complex, which has two main volcanic peaks:

  • One is the Nevado de Colima, 4,220 meters high, which is inactive and covered with snow most of the year

  • The other is the Volcan del Fuego (Fire Volcano), 3,960 meters high, which is very active and constantly smoking. Recently, there have been a large number of both lava and ash eruptions, some of which necessitated evacuation
    of nearby villages

The Nevado de Colima is an ideal place for mountaineering and camping. It is reached through the zone of the lagoons or by way of the Colima - Guadalajara highway, taking the turnoff 30 km before Atenquique, Jalisco.

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