Colima State is located on the western side of Mexico on the Pacific coast, ranging from the southern slopes of the Fuego de Colima volcano to the Pacific coastal plain. It lies between 18° 41' and 19° 27' north latitude and 103° 30' and 104° 37' west longitude.

It is bounded on the north, east, and west by the State of Jalisco; on the southeast by the State of Michoacan, and on the southwest by the Pacific Ocean. It is roughly triangular in shape, with its vertex at the cone of the Fire Volcano and its base along the Pacific coast.

Colima has an area of 5,455 sq km (2,106 sq mi), which represents only 0.3% of the total Mexican territory and a population of approximately 542,627 inhabitants. It is fourth smallest of all Mexican states, before the State of Tlaxcala, the State of Morelos and the State of Aguascalientes. The Revillagigedo archipelago is part of Colima (area of 167 sq km or 64 sq mi) and was transferred to Colima by President Benito Juarez in 1861.

Its name comes from a Nahoa or Mexican word meaning "old kingdom" or "domain of the lord". "Coliman" was derived from "Colli", which means hill, volcano or grandfather, and "Maitl", which means land or domain. In other words, it means "Place conquered by our grandparents or ancestors" or "Place dominated by the Old God or the Fire God", a reference to the Fuego de Colima volcano.

Because of it natural regions and geographical location, Colima has great climatic contrasts between the coastal and mountain zones. In the coastal zone and in the Armeria river valley (the cities of Tecoman, Armeria, and Manzanillo), the climate is warm and humid with an average temperature of 26� C. In the high altitude areas near the volcano, the climate is mild with an average temperature of 17� C.

Places to visit in Colima State

Colima j Capital City Nevado de Colima National Park
Comala Tecoman
Cuyutlan Villa de Alvarez

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