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General Cepeda

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General Cepeda in Coahuila, Mexico - Tour By Mexico ® General Cepeda received its current name decree in 1892 in honor of General Victoriano Cepeda Camacho. Governor at the time, Cepeda Camacho was also originally from Coahuila.

This area is still remembered for being the San Francisco de los Patos country estate (1575) of Francisco de Urdiñola, the largest landowner in the country and known by some for his cruelty to the people.

Now, General Cepeda, known for the numerous archaeological discoveries that have been made in this region, the town is part of this Mexican province where time appears to stand still.

Other beautiful places in General Cepeda: San Francisco de Asis Temple in Coahuila, Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®

  • Municipal Presidency The presence of Urdiñola is kept alive in what served as the main house of his country estate (sixteenth century). Municipal Presidency in Coahuila, Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®
  • San Francisco de Asis Temple Dating back to the eighteenth century, the modest building that housed the patron saint of the General Cepeda township still preserves its principal original characteristics.
  • Narigua Valley A mysterious and enigmatic site where a great number of petro glyphs are easily visible in the hills that run along the valley. The petro glyphs are vestige of the ancient inhabitants of the region. Narigua Valley in Coahuila, Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®
  • Rincon Colorado A small area that has gained fame due to the fact that they have found fossil remains of turtles, mollusks and sharks, as well as other remains, which are believed to belong to the hadrosaurus and tyrannosaurus rex families. A museum is located inside the Paleontological Reserve Area which exhibits the discoveries. Rincon Colorado in Coahuila, Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®

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