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Arteaga in Coahuila, Mexico - Tour By Mexico ® Arteaga is situated 17 km east of Saltillo in the State of Coahuila, Mexico via Federal Highway 57 in a valley surrounded by mountains.

Arteaga has a pleasant, mild climate and beautiful woods that have given it the name of "La Suiza de Mexico" (The Switzerland of Mexico).

Two kilometers further east of Arteaga, you can visit an underground building known as El Castillo de Arena (the Castle of Sand).

Other beautiful places in Arteaga are:

  • El Chorro Park
  • Monterreal Forests No way! and other spontaneous expressions of amazement are the first things to come to mind upon entering this fascinating tourist development unique to Latin America. Only here can you experience the luxury - and it truly is - of having every thing in one place and within your reach, it is a great diversity of exclusive services immersed in the green heart of the sierras. Magnificently equipped cozy cabins, a ski slope that operates throughout the year, a restaurant, a bar and a golf course are only a fraction of what this spectacular resort has to offer. Monterreal Forests in Arteaga, Coahuila, Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®
  • De La Carbonera Canyon
  • La Siberia
  • Golf Course Golf Course in Arteaga, Coahuila, Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®
  • Mesa de las Tablas
  • De La Roja Canyon
  • The Town in Arteaga, Coahuila, Mexico - Tour By Mexico ® Los Bosques de Santa Rosa and Santa Amalia (Santa Rosa and Santa Amalia Forests), and Del Lirio Valley
  • San Isidro Labrador de las Palomas Built in 1790, the tenple's side tower, a unique three-tier construction on the corner of the building, has an old clock, which stands witness to the town's history. San Isidro Labrador de las Palomas in Arteaga, Coahuila, Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®
  • Eco-tourism The collection of peaks, valleys and canyons that form part of the Sierra Madre Oriental offers unlimited possibilities for camping, rappelling, hiking and many other activities unique to the region. The La Carbonera, Los Lidos, El Tunal and Sar, Antonio de las Alazanas canyons, with elevations up to 3,500 mts. ASL (11,483 ft. ASL), are examples of what the region has to offer. Eco-tourism in Arteaga, Coahuila, Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®
  • Plaza de Armas
  • Plaza Ignacio Zaragoza
  • Plaza de la Madre
  • Plaza de la Pila

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