Paraiso Peñitas


.paraiso penitas in chihuahua state, mexicoIn Paraiso Peñitas, the peaceful waters of the Peñitas dam reflect the beauty of this mountainous landscape captured by an iridescent mountain range. This is the setting for the Hostales Paraiso Madera Peñitas tourist compound which expands
six hectareas.

This tourist center is managed by 43 women who own this land.
It has 11 rustic comfortable and spacious cabins with two full-sized beds each, a small living room and a fireplace. These two-level
wooden cabins are strategically located around the dam.

The visitor can enjoy the view, surrounded by pine trees and healthy climate as well as go fishing for trout, carp or other fish on the dam,
or walk the streets of the town of Madera which is
paraiso penitas in chihuahua state, mexicoonly 10 kilometers away from this complex.

This picturesque town is at the beginning of the mountain range west of Chihuahua City and 364 kilometers from the state capital. Time has stopped in this town full of magical history. Madera used to be a sawmill center that presently combines the old west architecture with a colonial aura. The beautiful San Pedro Cathedral is just one of the attractions here. There are also restaurants with exquisite local food, discotheques, handicraft stores and museum.

paraiso penitas in chihuahua state, mexicoOther tourist attractions in the region are the archeological ruins of Cueva Grande, Cueva del Puente, Conjunto Anasazi, La Rancheria and Cuarenta Casas or Cueva de las Ventanas. The cave belonged to the "pinineos" (short indigenous people); its main attraction is the lollipop-shaped doors no more than a meter high. Another attraction is walking through the surrounding historic haciendas such as Sirupa or San Jose de Babicora, or visiting some of the areas natural beauties such as the El Salto waterfall, the Tes Lagoon, the Canyon of the Huapoca River or the Chinacas Mirador and going into the thermal waters of the Huapoca river is a must.

Getting there:

  • By car: From Mexio City you can take the Mexico-Queretaro-San Luis Potosi highway and then take Route 45 to Torreon, Coahuila-Chihuahua. From Chihuahua take the Cuauhtemoc-La Junta-Ciudad Guerrero-Madera road

  • By bus: Take the Mexico-Chihuahua bus and then take the local bus that runs from Chihuahua to El Lago Maderal

  • By plane: Aerocalifonia and Aeromexico have two-hour direct flights to Chihuahua. Mexicana also has a flight stopping in Monterrey

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