Cueva de Leones


cueva de leones in chiahuhua state, mexicoCueva de Leones, this tourist development is managed by eleven people. It is located near Creel in the municipality of Bocoyna, just a couple of kilometers east of town. The area is named after the American lion, a species which is currently on the verge of extinction but occasionally it can be seen in this Tarahumara region.

Cueva de Leones used to be a sawmill but it is now a main tourist attraction just 250 kilometers from the capital, Chihuahua City in the State of Chihuahua, Mexico. However, tourism has not altered the life and customs of the local people who live in the mountains.

cueva de leones in chiahuhua state, mexicoThis tourist center, surrounded by rock formations and trees, is made up of 12 rustic cabins with bright white walls, tin roofs, bathrooms, running water and electricity. There is a cave in the middle of this center which used to be a discotheque.

You can take walks around the nearby cascades, mountain paths and indigenous communities or visit the town of Creel which has a wide range of restaurants, horse rentals, discotheques, supermarkets and regional handcraft stores.

Other tourist atractions in the area are the Arareko Lake, the Cusarare and Rukiraso waterfalls, the Cristo de la Monta�a, the San Ignacio Mission, the Los Monjes or the Los Hongos valleys.

Get to Cueva de los Leones:

  • By car: From Mexico City take the Mexico - Queretaro - San Luis Potosi Highway. Then take Route 45 to
    Torreon - Coahuila - Chihuahua and finally the La Junta - Creel road.

  • By train: From Chihuahua take the train to Creel on the Chihauhua-Pacifico route.

  • By bus: From Mexico City take a bus to Chihuahua and then local transportation to La Junta and Creel.

  • By plane: Aerocalifornia and Aeromexico have direct two-hour flights to Chihuahua. Mexicana stops in Monterrey.


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