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Chihuahua State is located on the central north part of Mexico, between the 26� 36' 38'' and 31� 47' of north latitude parallel and 103� 11' 08'' and 109� 07' west longitude of the Greenwich meridian.

Chihuahua is bounded on the north by USA; to the east by the State of Coahuila; on the south by the State of Durango; on the southeast by the State of Sinaloa; and on the west by the State of Sonora.

Chihuahua is the biggest state of Mexico, measure 245,612 km2 (94,830 mile2) and a population of approximately 3'052,907 inhabitants. It is divided in two huge natural areas: The North Central plateau region and the Sierra Madre Occidental region.

The Chihuahua name come from the tarahumara "Chihuahua", that means "Place where sack are made", even though some linguist assure that it means "Dry and sandy place".

Due to its topographic shape, Chihuahua has different climates: on the north is mild, on the east is dry and desert-like, and on the south semi warm. On the western area is mountain extreme and sub-humid that vary depending on the elevation. At the basis of the Sierra Madre is semidry.

The annual average temperature in Chihuahua is: 28.1� C. maximum
and 10.9� C minimum.
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