The Chamula towns


Among the diverse ethnic groups that inhabit the region of Chiapas, the Chamula's are outstanding. They are the native Indians, that like a lot of other groups, still practice their ancestral ceremonies and keep their religious believes, although you can see in their towns the presence of temples, especially Catholic.

Visiting the Chamula's settlements is most interesting. Leaving from San Cristobal de las Casas, in a one day excursion you can visit Zinacatlan or San Juan Chamula, where you can acquire rough woolen sweaters, made by the natives, as well as hammocks, beautifully embroidered blouses and amber. (be very careful when you buy amber pieces, they could be false). While visiting the temples we recommend for you to be extremely respectful and not take pictures. It is prohibited and the inhabitants are deeply troubled by it. Avoid problems.

Other three towns you can visit are Larrainzar, Mitotic and Chenalho. We recommend that you start you trip very early and to drive carefully. The road is quite dangerous. We suggest that you hire the services of an operator
of the region.

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