Ca�on Del Sumidero



You get to Ca�on del Sumidero (Canyon) by the federal highway 190 in the State of Chiapas, Mexico.

ca�on del sumidero in chiapas state, mexico / Photo by Victor H. MirelesIt covers an area of 21,789 hectares. In this park you can admire the amazing Del Sumidero Canyon and enjoy a two-hours trip by boat.

You can also visit interesting
places such as:

  • La Isla Cahuare (Cahuare Island)

  • The Waterfall

  • El Arbol de Navidad (the Christmas Tree)

  • El Hombre de Colon

  • Del Suspiro Caves and a Spa

  • By the same highway you reach:

    • La Ceiba

    • La Coyota

    • El Roblar

    • Los Chiapanecos Miradors


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