"Place of snakes and jiggers"
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Campeche State is located on the southwest part of the Yucatan peninsula where the coastline with the Gulf of Mexico curves from a north-south direction to east-west. It lies between 17� 38' 44'' and 20� 47' 08'' west longitude in Mexico.

The State of Campeche is bounded on the north and northeast by the State of Yucatan, on the west by the State of Quintana Roo, on the south by Guatemala, on the southwest by the State of Tabasco, and on the west and northwest by the Gulf of Mexico.

Campeche State has an area of 56,114 sq. km (21,665 sq. mi.) including 288 islands and a population of approximately 690,689 inhabitants.

The State of Campeche has two kinds of climate: the humid warm and the sub-humid warm. The sub-humid warm climate has periods of rain in the summer and beginning of fall over most of territory. In the dry season or times of drought, it is characterized by the convergence of warm winds from the east and the southwest. The humid warm climate is prevalent in the southwest part of the state, by the Tabasco border.

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