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Todos Santos - Tour By Mexico ®Todos Santos is an attractive town situated 80 km to the south of La Paz by the federal highway 19 in the State of Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Todos Santos was established as a dependent visit of the mission of Nuestra Señora del Pilar de La Paz, by father Jaime Bravo in 1723. Subsequently it reached the rank of mission with the name Santa Rosa de Todos Santos, in honor of its benefactor, Doña Rosa de la Peña. In 1733, father SegismundoTaraval founded the mission of the name. The population of La Paz mission was transferred there and it was abandoned in 1749. Since then it carries the name of Nuestra Señora del Pilar de Todos Santos.

The fertility of the land and abundance of water from the springs of the Sierra de al Laguna, propitiated that at the and of the last century, Todos Santos gained success in agriculture, specially in the farming of the sugar cane. In 1850 there were 8 sugar mills. This stage of bonanza lasted approximately one hundred years. Beautiful building colonial style where then constructed, public offices, hotels and theatres.
The drain of the springs, the drought and the low pieces of sugar after world war II, induced a collapse in the economy that took several decades to recover.

Todos Santos - Tour By Mexico ®

This beautiful town has been distinguished for its cultural vocation, reaffirmed through the years. This circumstance plus its natural beauty and excellent climate, has converted it in the home of great number of painters, sculptors, artisans and intellectuals.

Todos Santos is about 2 miles from the Pacific Ocean and it provides the most beautiful beaches at open sea. Standing out: San Pedrito, Los Cerritos, Los Estereos, Punta Lobos, La Poza and Batequitos, the majority with a strong notion of waves, ideal for surfing. Because of its location in the middle of the way between La Paz and Cabo San Lucas, it is most Todos Santos - Tour By Mexico ®visited by local and foreign tourism that like the climate, tranquility and beauty. Many people come from La Paz or Los Cabos just to eat in its excellent restaurants. Among the places of interest is the church of the mission, the house of culture and the walks by its picturesque little streets. From it is possible to take an ecological tour, guided, to the Reserve of the Biosphere of Sierra de la Laguna. Inquire at your hotel or with your travel agents

Among Todos Santos main attractions are:

  • The Santa Rosa Mission, built in the XVIII century

  • The Main School, where you can admire an oil painting done by the first generation of teachers from the Regional School of the Northwest

  • The Colonial-Style Manuel Marquez de Leon Theater, built in 1944

Todos Santos - Tour By Mexico ®Nearby Todos Santos you can enjoy the:

  • San Pedrito

  • Los Esteros

  • Punta Lobos

  • Los Cerritos

  • Batequito beaches

Todos Santos celebrates its festivities October the 12th with several events of cultural matter.
For visitor's attention, it offers the following service: hotels, bars, restaurants and trailer parks among others.

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