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Guerrero Negro - Tour By Mexico ®The origin of the name Guerrero Negro drifts from the whaleboat "Black Warrior". Built in 1825 in the shipyard of Duxbury, Massachusetts, this boat carried out hunting trips in the Indian Ocean until 1845 and then in the north Pacific until 1851. Sold in Honolulu, it sailed from there to the coasts of Baja California arriving to Bahia de Vizcaino; entered to the channel of Guerrero Negro's lagoon on November 28th of 1858 waiting for the whales.

On December 10th as it was sailing to cross the lagoon's bar, strong waves bated it against the bar braking the keel. The ship wreckage stayed on sight for several decades showing the danger at the entrance. The place was named Black Warrior, translated later to Guerrero Negro, actual name of the lagoon and of the city. 

Guerrero Negro - Tour By Mexico ®Guerrero Negro was born and developed around the working of salt mines and it's actually the world biggest productive process of salt nines at open sky.

Developed originally by English merchants, they acquired by Daniel A. Ludwig, founder of the Export Company of Salt. In 1957 came out the first shipment of salt from the docks of the Guerrero Negro Lagoon. Nevertheless portray installations became quickly insufficient and others installations where constructed at El Chaparrito's port in the Laguna Ojo de Liebre.Guerrero Negro - Tour By Mexico ®

 From there, the production is shipped in barges to the Port of Cedros Island, where big loading ships over 150 000 tons carry the product to its final destination.

 The region surrounding Guerrero Negro is especially attractive for ecological tourism because of its location within the enormous Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve.Guerrero Negro - Tour By Mexico ®

 Hundreds of tourists arrive to observe the gray whale in the waters of the nearby lagoon of Ojo de Liebre where, from January to March they mate and give birth, in addition to enjoying trips to the estuaries and marshes which are the habitat of diverse species of birds.

In this zone one can take part in ecotourism activities which include observations of the flora and fauna, various types of campgrounds, long walks over interesting pathways, cave paintings and a host of other adventures in the desert.


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