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Ciudad Constitucion - Tour By Mexico ®Ciudad Constitucion is located on the Tran peninsular highway,
90 miles from Loreto and 130 miles from La Paz, in the agricultural heart of Santo Domingo's Valley.

Its population is devoted to agriculture, cattle raising and in a smaller scale to trade.

At the end of the 40's by president's ordinance Miguel German, the program of colonization of Santo Domingo's Valley began, increasing the population's rate at the end of the 60's and with it appeared diverse institutions and agro industries.

Ciudad Constitucion - Tour By Mexico ®The name of Villa Constitution arises April 13 1957 like a proposal of the Engineer Vinivio Gonzalez in a meeting carried out in the Lion's Club of the town as it was the year of celebration of the Mexican constitution; but it lasts unit 1972to reach the city range, going into effect the official name of Ciudad Constitucion.

The importance of Ciudad Constitucion has increased from 1971, when it was transformed into the head of the municipality of Comondu, what confers it the category of political - administrative center of a very important portion of the state and certainly, of the most vigorous agricultural aspect, cattleman and industrial.

Ciudad Constitucion - Tour By Mexico ®At the present time Ciudad Constitucion is the pride of the comundeños and of all those generations of men and women the made "vergel" the desert with great will and dedication, many of them maintaining the faith and the hope on high for the greatness of their native town.

Ciudad Constitucion serves an important role of providing an infrastructure of service for the visiting entrepreneur or for the adventures and explorers of mission sites, whale sightings, aquatic activities in the Pacific, visits to the ostrich ranches and much,
much more.

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