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Baja California Sur lies between the 22° 00' and 22° 30' north latitude.
It is on one of the longest peninsulas in the world. Its only land link to the rest of  Mexico is the transpeninsular highway.

Baja California Sur is bounded on the north by the State of Baja California Norte, on the west by the Pacific Ocean,
and on the east by the Cortes Sea (Gulf of California).

It has an area of 72,465 sq. km (27,978 sq. mi.), and includes several islands: del Carmen, San Jose, Ballena;
and Cerralvo in the Cortes Sea (Gulf of California); and Asuncion, Margarita and Creciente in the Pacific Ocean.

Baja California Sur has a population of approximately 424,041 inhabitants.

The name "California" originated with Garci Ordoñez de Montalvo, who gave the name to an imaginary country in his knight novel "Esplandian", sequel of "Amadis de Galva" (Seville, 1510). However, there was also a mythical land named "Califerne" in an earlier book by the title of "Chanson de Roland".

The peninsula was first called California in about 1538, when Hernan Cortes returned from a journey to the peninsula.

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