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Tecate Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®Tecate is a border town located on Federal Highway 2, 49 km east of Tijuana and 143 km west of Mexicali in the State of Baja California to the Northwest of the Mexican Republic to the South with the cities of Rosarito and the port of Ensenada.

Temperature average: Summer 85 F - Winter 40 F

Tecate registers an altitude of 550 m. on the level of the sea, has a territorial extension of 3.578 km2 and has an approximated population of 100.000 inhabitants.

Tecate Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®Its foundation dates from the 12 of October of 1892, year in which it was constituted the agricultural colony of Tecate, appearing for the first time in record books of the Mission of San Diego.

Several versions exist on the origin of the name, one mentions that the native ones of the area denominated Tecate to the crust of so abundant and representative encino of the region that even appears in the shield of the city. Other that in the Pai language pai means clean water by the many springs of the zone and third that the word is been from the castellanizacion of the word pai pai tucat that means cut stone.

Tecate is famous for its wine and beer industries.

Tecate main attractions are:

  • Parque Hidalgo

  • Parque los Encinos

  • El Vallecito, Place with cave paintings and art. The Museum is in km. 72 in Federal Highway #2 Mexicali - Tecate, in the Rumorosa height. In toll rTecate Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®oad Mexicali - Tijuana exit in Vallecitos. This site is estimated to be 1000 - 1500 years old.

  • La Rumorosa, Located in the North end of the State, the Rumorosa is a ecological zone with gigantic rocky formation which cause incredible natural landscapes, l and a singular brisk of wind, which characteristic humming gives the name to this zone.

  • El Tren Museo, Stroll in train from Campo Californian to Tecate, with programmed visit to the brewery.

  • La Cerveceria, The Cerveceria Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma, is the first assembly plant
    in the State. Was founded on 1944 and nowadays it is a Baja Californian pride that is located in the heart of the city that gave his name and the one that has been around the world for more than 50 years. Learn the process involving to the elaboration of the beer, as well as the systems of international quality that distinguish this sanctioned company.

  • Valle de las Palmas, Only 20 minutes to the south of Tecate you will find a small population with small vineyards, where you will be able to acquire excellent table wines and products such as, tanned olives, oil of olive tree, etc. All this elaborated by town people.

  •  Valle de Guadalupe, In highway Tecate-Ensenada in km. 73 you can see
    the vineyards of the Valle de Calafia (Cetto and Domeq) who are internationally recognized.

Among Tecate more important festivities are:

  • The Vendimia's party, celebrated the first Sunday of July.
    Events include:

    • a parade of floats

    • music

    • regional dances

  • A festival in honor of the Virgen de Guadalupe is celebrated December
    12th. Events include:

    • Processions

    • Music

    • Popular and regional dances

    • Charros (Mexican horsemen) shows

There also many hotels, restaurants, night clubs, parks, and other tourist services you can enjoy.

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