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Mexicali Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®Mexicali is the capital City of the State of Baja California and is located on  the border with the United States in Mexico. Mexicali was born the 14 of March of 1903, and it is the 29th state of Mexico.

The name Mexicali comes from the anagram MEXI-co and CALI-fornia,
which in an inverse way also generated the name of Calexico, access door to the state of California and frontier with Mexicali. It is the capitol of the state of "Baja California" and a modern city called "The city that captured the sun," since during the summer, temperatures range between 35®C and 45®C.

Mexicali Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®As well as the urban development has been benefited by the border localization of Mexicali, so has commerce and other activities. Despite its rural beginnings, the city has evolved progressively into
a big urban and manufacture center. All the national banks operate in the city with more than 60 branches. There are several first class hotels with facilities
for conventions. Mexicali also has excellent malls and a wide variety of restaurants being particularly famous the Cantonese cuisine, important part of the heritage that the city has from China. The city also has the State theater, art galleries and a regional museum which helps to preserve the history of the city.

Mexicali main attractions are:

  • Friar Junipero Serra's Monument

  • The city park with a Zoo, Museum, zoo, lake and raft rentals, kiddy pool, water slide, barbeque pits, camping grounds, grocery store, basketball, soccer and volleyball courts, children's playground. Sport fishing tournaments.
    Bathrooms with showers. Lifeguard, paramedic, security. Capacity for 15 thousand persons.

  •  San Felipe, is the closet beach to Mexicali with access to other beaches like Puertecitos and sites of extraordinary beauty like the absolutely unique Valley of the Giants, where huge and imposing Sahuaro cactus greet all visitors.

  • Laguna Salada and La CuestaMexicali Mexico - Tour By Mexico ® de la Rumorosa, Two places unique in all the world that offer spectacular panoramas of natural beauty. Besides being ideal places for flying
    on a delta winged or a hanglider, cycling and off-road racing are also popular here.

  • Sierra de Juarez, Cañon Tajo, crowned by the "Trono Blanco" the highest monolith in Mexico with a height of 1970 feet provides majestic panoramic views and is visited by premiere mountaineers from around the world. It is ideal for rock-climbing, hiking, rappelling, canyoneering, and panoramic photography. There are also the Laguna Hanson and the Cañon de Llanos, sites that offer a place for a variety of activities including kayaking, hiking, camping, mountain biking, rock climbing, and spelunking.

  • Vallecitos, Here the past meets the present in an extensive display of prehistoric rock carvings and cave paintings, such as the famous "Diablito" (Winter Solstice). This place is also excellent for hiking, a photography expedition, and spotting a variety of flora and fauna.

  • Mexicali Mexico - Tour By Mexico ®Rio Hardy, Everything necessary for freshwater fishing and small game hunting, as well as being the ideal site for kayaking in tranquil waters, hiking, panoramic photography, and bird watching. Ideal for families, groups or individuals who enjoy the scenic outdoors.

  • Sol del Niño, Interactive Center Museum, More than one hundred exhibits on science, technology, art and the environment.
    Summer courses and workshops. Children's playground and palapas.
    Space for events. Bathrooms. Capacity for 2,500 persons.
    Located at Lopez Mateos Blvd. and Alfonso Esquer Sandez St .

  • Juventud 2000 Sports Center, Zoo, swimming pool, kiddy pool, soccer, basketball and volleyball courts, children's playground, barbeque pits, bathrooms, showers, spaces for events, bicycle rentals. Lifeguard, paramedic, security.
    Capacity for three thousand persons. Open all year round. Located at Prolongacion Anahuac Boulevard.

  • Vicente Guerrero Park, Children's playground, outdoor theater, roller-skating ring, barbeque pits, camping grounds. Bathrooms, security. Capacity for 23 thousand persons. Open all year.

  • Los Algodones, Picturesque small town (population 14,000) which during the winter season ( October thru march)
    greets a considerable number of visitors known as "Snow birds" which come from the northern United States and Canada .

  • Morelos Dam, Beautiful natural setting from where you can admire the town and itsMexicali Mexico - Tour By Mexico ® surroundings. The dam was inaugurated on September 23 rd 1950 and has a capacity of 230 cubic meters/sec.

  • Las Dunas, Beautiful sand dunes that are the ideal place for riding motorcycles, ATV'S and buggy's.

Crafts exhibitions of regional handicrafts from around the country, including costume dresses, ceramics, jewelry, etc.

If you like bullfighting, you can find a brave matador in Plaza Calafia.
There is also box and wrestling.

If you look for something more relaxing, how about golf ? Mexicali offers a professional 18 hole course. Some close places for the practice of ecotourism include the thermal springs of the Guadalupe Canyon, the Cucapah Sierra, the salt fields of the Laguna Salada and, of course, the beautiful beaches of San Felipe in front of the warm waters of the Sea of Cortes.

During October you'll find in Mexicali a few cultural activities - live music, dance, cockfights and the like - taking place as part of the Fiesta del Sol; at any other time of year you can fill an hour browsing the local history exhibits at the free Museo Regional de la Universidad de Baja California.

The Mexicali border crossing is open 24 hours and, except at morning and evening rush hours, is usually relatively quiet, the procedures straightforward. Remember to visit Migracion if you're travelling further on into Mexico.

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